Firestone Blvd. Bridge

The Firestone Boulevard Bridge (Bridge No. 53C-1984) carries Firestone Boulevard over the San Gabriel River, at the adjoining city boundaries between Norwalk and Downey.  Firestone Boulevard is a major arterial roadway (Former State Route 42) and connects the City of Norwalk and the City of Downey.  It carries an average of 57,000 daily traffic trips.  The bridge was constructed in 1934 and widened in 1950.  It is a five-span reinforced concrete T-girder bridge with six traffic lanes.  The existing bridge structure is geometrically obsolete, with no shoulders, a 2-foot wide center median, and 3.5-foot sidewalks.  The reconstruction of Firestone Blvd. Bridge will involve the complete demolition of the existing bridge and the reconstruction of the new bridge will accommodate six lanes of traffic, a 10-foot center median, 8-foot shoulders, bike lanes and sidewalks. A concrete median, irrigation and planting and bridge lighting will also be constructed.  The purpose of the project is to enhance public safety and protect the San Gabriel River by replacing the existing Firestone Boulevard Bridge.

Belco provided installation of the ornamental street lighting, column lighting, soffit lighting and relocation of the existing fiber optic system.

Long Beach Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge connecting the Promenade side of the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center to the Terrace Plaza is officially complete. The 605-foot elevated pedestrian walkway in downtown Long Beach, with its LED lights and wave-like arched canopy. The Rainbow Bridge is more than a walkway—it is a functional piece of art!”.

At night, the bridge’s arched canopy will show colorful waves of programmable LED lights “cresting” above pedestrians’ heads. With 3,500 LED lights, 100 downlights and 70 floodlights, the walkway will serve as an eye-catching illumination near the downtown waterfront. Other features include bench seating alongside California native foliage and landscaping, and a place for visitors and residents alike to catch a great view of the city.

Belco provided design assistance and full-service electrical installation for this project.

Elecnor Group’s first solar photovoltaic power plant in the United States

Elecnor completed the design, engineering and installation of the 20-megawatt Guernsey PG&E PV solar project

Jefferson St. Interchange

The project included constructing a 445-foot-long, 155-foot-wide, eight-lane bridge over I-10; removal of two existing bridges; construction of new eastbound and westbound on- and off-ramps; adding auxiliary lanes on I-10, as well as a 50-foot-tall MSE retaining wall and several Type 1 retaining walls; extensive traffic control; and public outreach. The structures contain various architectural treatments that complement the natural surroundings.

The I-10/Jefferson Street Interchange project is the last and largest of six interchanges to be constructed along the I-10 Coachella Valley Corridor. The project replaces a modified diamond configuration constructed in 1958, which had geometric deficiencies and operational limitations.

Belco provided full service electrical installation of the dry utilities, traffic signal and street lighting systems.

In-Fill Lighting on East Colorado Blvd.- Phase II from Hill Ave. to Allen Ave.

This project consists of the installation of new pedestrian post top street lights as in-fill lighting, equipped with light emitting diode (LED) as a light source on East Colorado Blvd. from Hill Ave. to Allen Ave. in the City of Pasadena.  By utilizing LEDs, an energy efficient lamp that will decrease maintenance demand and provide longer lasting operation, the project complies with the City's Environmental Goals and Green City Action Plan. The in-fill lighting will provide additional lighting for pedestrians along the sidewalk areas enhancing visibility and pedestrian safety. The project also includes amenities at public transit stops and for bicyclists.

Belco’s scope of work includes the installation of street light standards and fixtures, conduit, foundations, conductors, pull boxes and miscellaneous appurtenant work. The work also includes the installation of bicycle racks, bus benches and trash receptacles.

Cherry Ave. Interchange

This project involves the reconstruction of I-10/Cherry Ave interchange by realigning the on and off-ramps, replacing the existing Cherry Ave Overcrossing (OC), widening of the Cherry Ave Railroad Overhead (OH) and widening of Cherry Ave from 5 lanes to 7 lanes with sidewalk on both sides of the street from Slover Avenue, southern terminus, to Valley Blvd, northern terminus. Stage 1 construction Cherry Ave OC and Cherry Ave OH occurs on the west side of the existing alignment, and Stage 2 construction occurs at the east side. Other major work includes the construction of a new westbound loop on-ramp, construction earth retaining structures (MSE walls & cantilever concrete retaining walls), major drainage structures (Open Channel, Multi-cell RCB Culverts and utility relocation.

Belco provided temporary and permananet traffic signal and street lighting systems, bridge lighting and underpass lighting and fiber optic systems for this project.