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About us

About Us

Belco has been a Southern California-based commercial electrical contractor since 1997. A successful regional player in both traditional electrical contracting and renewable energy, Belco was acquired by Elecnor in December of 2011. Now Belco offers the regional expertise of Belco coupled with the global experience and financial capabilities of Elecnor.

Elecnor has enjoyed continuous growth and positive returns throughout its history. From its beginnings in electrical infrastructure, the company has evolved to include engineering, technology development and alternative energy. The company’s financial strength is the backbone of its diversification strategy.

As an Elecnor Group company, Belco offers financial and operational capabilities rivaled by few. Elecnor’s global capabilities and experience in infrastructure, commercial electrical contracting and renewable energy provide the highest level of expertise to the U.S. market.

In addition, Elecnor’s proven success in customer service and corporate responsibility will be carried on in the U.S. through its newest subsidiary, Belco.